Competitions & Entry

Simply choose the competition you would like to enter from either the Homepage or the Competitions page, select the number of tickets you would like to enter, answer the qualifying question and make your way to the checkout to complete your purchase.

Anyone over the age of 18 can enter our competitions.

Yes – you can enter as many competitions as you like, and can purchase as many tickets per competition as you wish, limited to the maximum number of tickets available to each person, which is advertised on each competition page.

The odds of winning any competition you enter is the total of sold tickets (when the competition closes) divided by the number of tickets you have purchased.

For example: If a competition has sold 200 tickets when it closes, and you have purchased 10 tickets, you have a 1 in 20 chance of winning that competition.

With each Instant Win competition, a list is published on the competition page stating the winning ticket number, the corresponding prize, and the name of the winner (if it has been won yet). When purchasing tickets for the competitions, if you are randomly allocated one of these winning ticker numbers you will instantly win the prize that corresponds with that number.

Our Instant-Win lists are automatically updated with every ticket sale. If you win a prize this is automatically credited to your account, and you will receive confirmation of this via SMS.

All of our competitions are guaranteed draws, and are not limited to a minimum number of ticket sales. If we only sell 1 ticket we will still draw that competition, and the single ticket holder will automatically win that prize. We will never delay or extend the closing date on a draw to allow for extra ticket sales, and never have.

We will aim to still draw the competition on the draw date. If a competition was to sell out very early and a decision is made to draw a winner for a sold-out draw early, we would communicate this with all of our customers (who have opted-in to email communications) to give everyone plenty of notice.

As well as needing to cover the value of each prize, as a business we have many, many overheads to cover, such as the equipment to run our live draws, office setup, website maintenance, marketing budget, payment processing fees, advertising budget etc etc.

We aim to offer our customers the chance to win prizes for a small entry fee so we calculate our maximum number of tickets to fully cover the costs we incur.

It is also not guaranteed for a single draw to sell out. But it is guaranteed that every draw will take place regardless of sales.

Once you have added the tickets for the competitions(s) of your choice to your basket, proceed to the checkout to complete your order and make payment. You can pay using credit/debit card, or we also now accept Apple Pay.

You can enter any competition for free by posting a single unenclosed postcard to us for each entry into a competition. Please see our full T&Cs page for full instructions and eligibility requirements.

Your ticket numbers are randomly generated at the point of completing your order, these are then emailed to you as well as being available to view in the “My Account” section of the website.


Our live draws are currently only shown live on our page on Facebook page.

We currently have live draws every Thursday and Sunday at 8:00 pm. If you are opted into our email or SMS communications, we will always keep you updated when the next draw is coming up.

In every live draw, we use Google random generator to generate a winning number between the minimum and maximum number of tickets that are available for each competition. If a competition has sold out, finding out whether the ticket has sold or not is a guaranteed first hit. When competitions are not sold out, if we draw a random number which corresponds to an unsold ticket, we re-draw another random number. In some circumstances this process repeats again and again until a sold ticket number is generated by Google.

We have no control over the output of Google’s random number generator. The ticket numbers allocated to each order are randomly generated by our website, and the winning number is randomly selected by Google. This is the fairest way of drawing winning numbers, and is the most common method across the whole prize competition industry.

No – you can watch a live draw by searching for Paramount Prizes Facebook page in your search engine, you don’t need to sign into a Facebook account in order to access the posts on our page, including our draws each time we go live. You can also go back to view previous draws once draws are finished.

Not at the moment, but we believe in providing 100% transparency to all of our customers to help ease any doubt among new customers who may have questions on the legitimacy of a competition draw. So this is something we are working on being able to implement at some point in the future, should it be requested.



Once a draw is finished, if you have won you will be contacted by us. We aim to always do this on the same evening of the draw, but on occasions where we have lots of people to contact once, we may contact some winners through into the following day.


Once a draw is finished, and we are in the process of contacting winners, we will puclish a list of winners to our Facebook page as well as email the list of winners to email customers who have opted-in to our email communications.

We also post the winners photos on our “Winners” page, and a full entry list and draw results page is shortly to be published on our website.


We often offer cash alternatives on our physical prizes. There are some prizes where we do not offer a cash alternative if we currently hold the prize in stock. Although we advertise our cash alternatives, please always message us if you have any questions on cash alternative availability.

If you win a cash prize with us we process the payments on the same night, with payments usually cleared by the following morning if not instantly. When winning a physical prize, this will be delivered to you free of charge.

This is sometimes possible for us to do if we don’t already hold the prize in stock. A like-for-like product with no difference in value would be acceptable and we have provided this for many winners in the past.

Yes you can, we often have winners request website credit instead of instant win prizes. Feel free to ask us for this option when winning prizes.

Physical prizes are normally dispatched the next working day, we are more than happy to keep you updated on the expected delivery details. Cash prizes are processed the same day but may not arrive in your account until the following morning in some instances.

We love recommendations from our community, if you have any prizes you can forward them to us via a message on Facebook or by visting the “Contact” page on our website and submitting a request.

We LOVE being able to post photos of winners on our website and so does our community, we massively appreciate them as it helps us to advertise our business and grow. This is not a strict requirement of winning, however.

You can email us at info@paramountprizes.co.uk or send it to us via our Facebook page.

Orders & Payments

Often this will go straight to your inbox, on rare occasions this may go into your junk box. Feel free to contact us if you’re struggling to locate any order confirmation from us, and we can re-send the email again, or update an email address if incorrectly inputted into our system.

On very rare occasions when you cannot complete, or decide not to complete the checkout process, your bank may temporarily make funds unavailable while it thinks you are going to complete a transaction, but then don’t. In these instances, your bank should release the available funds back into your account shortly after.

If there is a delay in funds being released back to you, please do feel free to contact us and we can check whether we have received payment or not. But in most cases, this will now be an issue to raise with your bank.

We are unable to offer refunds on any completed orders.

If you believe a transaction has been charged multiple times for one transaction, please contact us and we can review which orders have been, or haven’t been paid for. In any instances where payment has been taken in error through the system, we will of course refund a transaction.

We can only take electronic payment through our checkout, where you can make payments using either a Credit/Debit card or make a payment using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Absolutely, our payment gateway provider Cardstream offers PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant anti-fraud features, as well as 3D Secure payments.

Cardstream processes your payment details to complete a transaction and your card/payment details are not made available to us. Think of it like a secret message, the payment gateway uses their own code to turn the data you submit into a secret message that only it can privately read.

Yes, we are able to take payments via both Apple pay and Google pay

We are looking to accept PayPal in the near future, but cannot offer this method of payment currently.


My Account

You can create an account as you are checking out on the website. Alternatively, you can click the Account/Register button in the top right of the page, where you can either sign in to an existing account, or register a new account.


If there is a username or password issue you will be able to reset these on the sign in section of the “My Account” page. If a problem persists, then please contact us either on our Facebook page, by emailing us, or sending us a message through our “Contact” page.

Your personal data is used for the drawing of competitions, all ticket entrants’ first and last names are displayed on each entry list – this is publicly available to view in our live draws and on our “Entry Lists” page. We will also use your details to contact you if you win a prize competition, if we need to send you a prize and when we contact you via SMS or email with updates on competitions, offers and draw results (if opted-in to marketing communications).

No other personal data is used, only your first and last name is made available to anyone outside of Paramount Prizes, published on our full entry lists.

For full details on the use of your personal data, please read our “Privacy Policy” page.

Absolutely, only your first and last names are made available in our full entry lists for each competition. Elsewhere your personal details are not available to anyone outside of our business. If you wish to have your persinal details removed from our system, either send us a message on our Facebook page, send us an email, or send us a message through our “Contact” page, where we will be more than happy to help. However if placing another order in future, you will need to re-supply your personal details in order to contact you should you win.

If you wish to close your account, this is something we need to manually action and although we would be sad to see anyone choose to leave, we will be more than willing to help one last time. Either send us a message on our Facebook page, send us an email, or send us a message through our “Contact” page, where we will be more than happy to help in closing your account, where we will happily remove all of your personal details from our database, and remove your details from all future marketing communications.


Stu, Natti and David are the brains(?) behind Paramount Prizes. Come and say hi to us in our next live draw or read more about us on the “About Us” page.


We are based in sunny Somerset, UK

This is one of the most important questions we get asked, with so many small competition websites saturating the market over the last few years. There have been hundreds of small competition businesses shut down for performing illegitimate draws or operating illegally. We pride ourselves in being able to operate legally and fully above board, in line with all guidance as laid out by the UK Gambling Commission.

We also hold an RMG (Real Money Gaming) license which allows us to advertise our competitions on Facebook after a strict vetting process into the legitimacy of our prize draws and to ensure our competitions/advertisements are not misleading.

When it comes to carrying out the live draws, we use Google random number generator to randomly select a winning ticket and we have had hundreds of winners from all over the UK.

Please check our Trustpilot page, where we have over 200 excellent customer reviews and also the “Previous Winners” section of our website where you can see all of the photos we have been sent from winners in the past.

You can find all of our customer reviews on our Trustpilot page at uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.paramountprizes.co.uk

You can either email us at info@paramountprizes.co.uk, send us a message through the “Contact Page” or send us a message on our Facebook page, where we will always be happy to address any questions with a prompt reply from one of our team.


Other Questions

When checking out make sure you select the tickbox that asks if you want to hear more information about upcoming draws and discounts. 


You can use your website credit to reduce your order total either in your basket or also whilst completing your order in the checkout page. The total website credit available on your account is listed on the “My Account” page.

We offer an early bird 20% discount on selected competitions every Sunday evening from 8pm through to midnight the following Tuesday. There are also times we send out discount codes to our customers on email or SMS, you need to be opted-in for these communications.

You can apply your code at either the basket or checkout stages, where your discount will be automatically applied.

No, Facebook does not sponsor, run or endorse this competition business. We are a fully independently operating business, using Facebook as our chosen platform to publish our live draws and advertisements.

If for any reason you don’t want to see our advertisements on Facebook, you can simply click the more details button within the advert and select “ad preferences”. Here you can find information for the advertisers you’ve seen or interacted with most recently, then choose to hide adverts from any of these businesses.

We always ask everyone to remain vigilant over anyone asking them for information in relation to any business relating to Paramount Prizes. As our business grows, unfortunately so will false entities pretending to be us, these are 100% scams and not us. Please only accept messages from our official Facebook page, and if you ever receive an email or SMS from anyone who you think could be pretending to be us, please always contact us on our official Facebook page, to let us know!

We hope you wouldn’t want to but yes, this is absolutely fine, just send us a message and we will be more than happy to do this for you.

Every email and SMS we send contains the option opt-out at the very bottom. Alternatively you can contact us to have your name removed from all future communications.